AT-ACT Driver (Star Wars: Rogue One)

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Kicking off summer vacation with a new (very late) shoretrooper variant for everyone. I had this design on the backburner and I finally got around to releasing it.

According to the Star Wars Wiki: AT-ACT drivers were Galactic Empire army units who piloted All Terrain Armored Cargo Transports. The drivers wore white Imperial tank pilot armor along with a white coastal defender stormtrooper helmet that was adorned with grey and red markings, including a red Imperial crest located on the pilot's helmet. The breastplate featured gray stripes matched the pattern of the armor worn by Imperial combat assault tank commanders. The drivers were issued either E-11 or E-22 blaster rifles to carry as personal weapons. Despite their existence, specialized AT-ACT driver divisions were not used due to the fact that the AT-ACT was not considered a battlefield assault vehicle.

Find the skin here:


Feel free to comment below if you have any concerns with the design.



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