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The Superfluous Hand of Superb Steel!

Design by maomuke

Uploaded Thu Jul 20 2017 01:23:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Ever wanted to perform a brutal operation to your characters' arms in exchange for an elitist fist of pure metal? Well, now you can! Based around TF2's Iron Fist cosmetic, this thing will definitely make punching wood a breeze! The best thing about this design is that the thumb can be positioned any spot you'd like (granting the ability to make the hand for either side of your figure). To attach to the figure, simply refer to the last few pictures I have supplied!

Some stats: Difficulty: HARD [fingers are about the size of the 1st rendition of the mini piggy but not as tough as Batman4014's hands are!]

Tips: Use ur epic nawledge to best hide the tabs for the fingers. The tabs coming from the bottom of the main hand piece is to attatch it to your now butchered arm ;DD

That's all I really cared to think of writing! Have an awesome day! The next papercraft will be something easier and relatively different compared to what is usually uploaded here.

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