Survival Games Diorama

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This is a survival games diorama, which is pretty much exactly like hunger games. The four chests that have bottoms are for the middle stand, so you can glue them wherever you want on it. The ones without bottoms are made so that you can just place the chest on top of the items you wan in it (you can also put more on a piece of paper). You can print the advanced podium, but i don't recommend trying to make 24 of them like in the movie, because it would take a while to make all 24. If you want to make a full diorama, use the simple ones so that you don't kill your fingers and your dignity making 24 advanced ones.


thanks to odf for all of the blocks i used for the podiums.

thanks to maki for the blocks i used for the middle chest stand and the chests.

IMPORTANT: I noticed that on the simple podiums page that I accidentally wrote to print 6 pages to get 24. 6 pages would make 36, so only print 4 pages to get 24.

IMPORTANT AGAIN: I added the stone slab that I forgot on the advanced podium. Thanks to KarloGamer2609 for pointing it out in the coments.



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