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This is a template made to let your minis hold weapons without gluing them on their hands. You can simply just slide the tool or weapon in or out. if you fold it tightly it will stay in really well. The person that made the original template that i used to make this is uspie786. Idk how no one thought of this and if it is already on the site feel free to give me a dislike. (but i would also be happy if you liked it) FYI the pics r in the same order as the steps.

Step 1: cut out your template (duh)

Step 2: fold everything except the arms

Step 3: fold the arm over as shown in the picture

Step 4: glue the arm in place but ONLY glue on the tab so that the sword can fit

This should leave a small slit so that you can slide a sword in. I have example pictures of an actual mini holding a weapon.

Idk why all of the pictures are tilted but you can still see what it looks like.

If you ever use this in any design give credits.

diamondcrafter99, and batman4014 both did something similar but i thought of this version first, because mine came out about a week before diamondcrafters.

FYI the top template is blurry because it is in the jpg format. I didnt know how to put the template as a cover picture in any other way, but the not blurry design is at the very bottom.



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