Tiger (Mo'Creatures mod)

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Papercraft: Tiger
Description: Tigers are very aggressive, and will sprint and chase down their prey, this can range from a ants, wolves, boars and to deer. Big cats are one of the fastest, if not the fastest mountable mobs in Mo' Creatures. They are even faster when flown (if they have wings). Tigers can be made to sit by either right-clicking on the ground or on itself with a whip. There are 3 types of tigers; the normal one, the white, and the flying.
Designer: Brunomik
Photo: Brunomik
Level: Hard
Pages: 7
Pieces: 37

This design was requested by @ximenalpezrivera. You can print this design at A4/letter size for the cub, and at A3 size for the adult, that way it won't be too hard to make. Hope you like it :3

OBS: I also made the other Big Cats from the mo'creatures mod.. i'll upload them asap on my Blog (when i manage to have a picture of them :/)



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