Bonegrid fight! RotMG Diorama 3

Uploaded by aneliomo
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Hi, Aneliomo here! Bonegrid is the second 'boss' you will fight when you do the Tutorial in Realm of the Mad God, it's an easy fight made to learn some basic game mechanics
So as an extra, i added some customs, like staffs and spells, these will probably suit a small mini, i tried in on a normal one but... Too small xD
These customs are very small and tricky to cut, but they look nice when finished! :D

Last but not least, the 'dialog' is a test, i glued it behind Bonegrid head (the big character with an axe[?]), but you can add a small piece of paper so you can make it look like in the game.

PD: You can also play with it, you can put them wherever you like or combine characters from my other RotMG dioramas, thought by the shade of the base and the shade of the characters it will look weird...

PD2: The mini Luigi is the one found in the design Mini Super Mario Bros



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