Mini Fortnite ATK (All Terrain Kart)

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This is the ATK from Fortnite Battle Royale. Introduced at the beginning of season 5 the ATK is the only vehicle other then the shopping cart in the game. It is very fast, but it is also extremely loud. It can even perform a power slide similar to the karts in Mario Kart. I posted Many Pictures, and My blueprints so that you can hopefully see how it fits together. The roof is removable so that you can get your minis in and out easily. Don't Glue the sides of the seat together, leaving it will let minis that are slightly bigger or are wearing armor fit in nicely. Please comment if something is missing from the design. There were so many times I messed up and had to redo a piece that it was very hard to get my finished prototype onto a page. I purposefully left out the little flag in the back because I thought it would be too long and thin to be sturdy. If you don't understand how to fit anything together just try to find that piece in my photos, or ask me how. Whoops, I got part of my house in that last pic, who cares. Please enjoy! Write any requests in the comments. -drThunderbuckle

Edit: Added back wheels on extra page. Edit: Added Seat on extra page



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