Salmon (Minecraft 1.13)

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Thanks for checking out my papercraft! This is the first papercraft I have ever made, so it may not be the best.


  1. Cut out & Fold & Glue everything but the back end.
  2. Make a little slit in the black line in the back end.
  3. Slip the tail's tab into the slit & glue.
  4. Fold and Glue the back end like normal
  5. Attach the two "A"s together.
  6. Glue the dorsal fin in the spot where the front end & back end were glues
  7. Glue the head to the green front part.
  8. Attach the fins (fatter end goes to the front)
  9. Done

UPDATE 2: Finally got the picture up! Yay! :D



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