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Mini Glazed Terracotta Blocks (Plus How To Use Mini Block Generator)

Design by drthunderbuckle

Uploaded Fri Jan 04 2019 23:26:40 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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These are all of the glazed terracotta blocks in mini form. I used a block generator that I made that turns actual minecraft textures into a mini block. It is technically the closest possible way to make mini blocks that have the same texture, but sometimes handmade mini blocks can look better. In order to use the generator you will have to copy the code and overlay images into the generator builder. I will have photos with text showing how to do it.

Here is the code:

//Define Texture

Generator.defineInput('BlockTexture', {

  type: 'texture',

  standardWidth: 16,

  standardHeight: 16


//draw background of the template

Generator.drawImage('Block Template Background For Gen')

//function to select all of the pixels and rearrange them into a block

function drawBox(x, y) {

    for(var yi=0; yi < 8; yi++) {

        for(var xi=0; xi < 8; xi++) {

            var xx = x + (xi * 8);

            var yy = y + (yi * 8);

            Generator.drawImage( 'BlockTexture', {x:xi*2, y:yi*2, w:1, h:1}, {x:xx, y:yy, w:8, h:8} );     




//specify the coordinates for the block to be placed

drawBox(126, 137);

drawBox(190, 137)

drawBox(254, 137);

drawBox(62, 137);

drawBox(126, 73);

drawBox(126, 73);

drawBox(126, 201);

//draw the background again but trasparent so it wont cover up the design

Generator.drawImage('Block Template For Gen');

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