Floating Minecraft Island Diorama (Happy 10th Anniversary)

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This is a project I've been working on since April 13th when I found out it was almost Minecraft's 10th anniversary (shout out to Antvenom). At it's largest points this design stands at 22 cm tall and 16.5 cm wide. Due to the size of this project I scaled it at 200% instead of the traditional 800% on this website. Also due to the size I decided it would be best to upload the template as SVG files in a Dropbox link that I will post below. These files can either be opened in a web browser or the free, opensource program Inkscape (I will also put a link to that. I don't recommend people try and make this design particularly since how I formatted things can be a bit jarring and complex. Someone who could figure it out would probably have a lot funner time designing their own diorama in my opinion. Still, it is there if someone does want to try it or is just curious about the process of making it.

My goal with this project was to capture the time when I came into Minecraft and what I remember from that time. I came in around 1.3 and was fairly young. Some things I remember the most were stories and builds based around Herobrine and going into creative mode and putting a bunch of diamond blocks in your house to flex on the people who didn't know how commands worked. I tried to include both of those in this projects with a cave including the generic Herobrine alter (including the spooky boi himself) and an unreasonable, but tasteful, amount of diamond blocks in the house. I also have a thing for floating islands, so I decided to go with that for the land structure.

In the design section I've posted some pictures of the different components of the Island and the building process, going into more detail of the design.

Downloadable Template: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rbddsaqcuqdbz6c/AABVL8cgKR3SI0zcqjNDtLxTa?dl=0

Inkscape: https://inkscape.org/

High Res Picture of Island: http://www.pixelpapercraft.com/photo/5cd380fee1b9424cd32e6298

Credit for things I used in the design

Textures: Mojang

Steve and Creeper: bearodactyl

Fire: Gootube2000

Bed: pica559



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