Moobloom (Minecraft Earth)

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Hello again!

Thanks for checking out my papercraft!

The Moobloom is a character from the upcoming game, Minecraft Earth. It's basically a mooshroom but the mushrooms are replaced with dandelions and instead of the red texture, it is now a dandelion yellow colour.

When making this design, I would try to cut out the horns really precisely, otherwise they will be extremely hard to make. Also, when making the flowers, cut a slit about half way across and cut it so it goes about half way down the flower, then on the other flower, do the exact same thing but at the bottom of the flower instead. Then just slit them into each and apply glue to the edges where they join. When gluing the flowers to the body, I would apply glue to the actually body instead of the flower as then the flowers will be stuck on my secure.



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