Mini Pillager with Crossbow

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"A pillager is an illager equipped with a crossbow. It spawns as part of illager patrols and around outposts, as well as raids. " - Minecraft Wiki

Papercraft: Mini Pillager with 3D nose and kilt (both optional) as well as a mini crossbow

Difficulty: Normal/Advanced

Papercrafting: 5-20 minutes depending on papercrafter's skill (Took me about 10 minutes)

Search Terms: Villager, illager, new, 1.14, evil, monster, raid, mini

Tips: The kilt lacks a tab because it will not perfectly wrap around the pillager (see the non-advanced version for placement reference). I cut the arms off of the pillager to pose it for the photo. To equip the crossbow, make a small cut in the right hand as well as the crossbow to fit them together (as shown in the picture).

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