Netherite Armor (Bendable)

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I've finally done it! You can now put netherite armor that is fully pose able onto your bendable figure! I know that the cover/thumbnail of this design is just the textures, but i have yet to actually make this design, so once i do, i'll update it! I'll also be making the rest of the armor sets for bendable figures, and be making youtube tutorials for all of them, but that'll take a while, so in the meantime why don't you check out my Youtube Channel? I do mostly all papercrafting there;

*Also, just a quick note; if you want this to scale with the bendable figure, click on the design image, then right click on the picture and click "save image as." Then go to your downloads folder and right click, then print the image(AND MAKE SURE YOU UN-SELECT FIT PICTURE TO FRAME). Otherwise the design will be too small.

Also, credit to Rooterbuster W. For the original bendable figure and bendable diamond armor templates; i wouldn't know what to do without 'em! Anyway, thanks everyone! Have a great rest of your day!



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