Bone Wolf (Minecraft Earth)

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Bone Wolf! | MC Earth Exclusive

Hello again everyone! To get ready for the s̷̖̩̔p̶̨͓̭̭̬̬̪̙͔͋̿͒̓̍̈́͊͜͝ǫ̸͈̼͎̖̥̀̌̒ó̸̮̙̲͗́̒̀̓̋͂͜͝k̴̜̲͙̰̣̩̿ȳ̷̗͈̩̰̖̳̀̀́͜͠ times, I went ahead and made this design from Minecraft Earth. It seems a lot like a reference to DanTDM's OG dog Grimm, but it does have a different texture. this model is pretty difficult to assemble as well unless you know what you doing. I recommend you watch out for my tutorial on my YT channel(which you can find here; ).

The transparent red strip on the pelvis is where you put a little gash with scissors for the tail, and the transparent red line on the pelvis is where you 𝙫𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙮 fold, then the halfway point of the square you just do the regular mountain fold.

Wherever's there's white, cut it out. be careful on the ribs, legs, and snout because of this.

The grey lines on the pelvis is where you fold those ribs, making another side of the body.

And lastly, use the link below for reference images when folding if your not going to follow along on my tutorial. "The Skeleton Wolf is a variant of a wolf with a skeletal texture, found only in Minecraft Earth."



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