Goat (Minecraft 1.17)

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Hey, again pixel papercraft! I kept getting asked to make a goat design on my YouTube channel, so here it is! It's fairly simple and was a pain to measure all the angles correctly XD

Cut out all the red tabs and the edges of the pieces. The lower body gets put inside the upper body(an FYI). For the red rectangle on the body, cut that out too(it's where u put the head). The head, horns, and "beard" are all attached at angles, so be wary of those. For the beard, you'll have to cut a bit down the center of the bottom side of the head, and then just slot the beard in. If you're not gonna watch my tutorial, then follow along by looking at the picture on the Minecraft gamepedia(link below).

I'll be releasing a tutorial on it very soon on my channel, which u can find here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWa6R4NzVTzeyAtekP2mnpg

"Goats are neutral mobs found in mountains." - https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Goat



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