Mountaineer (Minecraft Dungeons)

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Mountaineers are Illagers who lives in mountainous areas. It is often seen wearing a brown hood with additional white face covering, brown-and-white colored sleeves and pants, brown boots and gloves, and a blue belt or sash around its chest. They always hold a Mountaineer Pick in which they use for attacks. They also possess blue eyes like a Vindicator and like them, they also have armored variants.

Papercraft: A dungeons Mountaineer with a pickaxe

Description: The Mountaineer is an illager and hostile mob with a Mountaineer Pick found in the new Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks

Level: Easy

Papercrafting: About twenty minutes

Search Terms: Villager, illager, new, dungeons, monster, Howling Peaks, DLC, Arch-Illagers Army, Mountain, Hostile

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