Ultimate 3D Cape Pack

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I turned most if not all of the Minecraft capes into semi-easy to create papercraft capes.

I recommend you use the 2D versions, however: https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/5fd7cc9015daad55def1f69e/ultimate-2d-cape-pack

Here is a list of them all, in order:

Minecon Capes:

Minecon 2011

Minecon 2012

Minecon 2013

Minecon 2015

Minecon 2016

Minecon Live 2019

Minecon 2011 scrapped design 1

Minecon 2011 scrapped design 2

Minecon 2011 scrapped design 3

Mojang Capes:

Old Design

New Design

Personal Capes:

Miclee's Bacon Cape

akronman1's Millionth Customer Cape

dannyBstyle's Cape

JulianClark's Cape

cheapsh0t's Cape

MrMessiah's Cape

Drullkus' Prismarine Cape

billyK_'s Turtle Cape

Other Capes:

Translator Cape

Chinese Translator Cape

Scrolls Champion Cape

Cobalt Cape

Mojira Moderator Cape

Realms MapMaker Cape

Xbox 360 Avatar MC Cape


Veteran Cape (recreation)

Optifine Capes:

Standard Optifine Cape

White Optifine Cape

Gray Optifine Cape

Black Optifine Cape

Red Optifine Cape

Green Optifine Cape

Blue Optifine Cape

Yellow Optifine Cape

Purple Optifine Cape

Cyan Optifine Cape

Banner Cape Template

Mumbo Jumbo's Cape

Event Capes:

Christmas 2010 Cape

New Year 2011 Cape

Xbox 360 1st Birthday Cape

For more info, go to: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Cape https://optifine.net/donate



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