Wind Caller (Minecraft Dungeons)

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The Wind Caller is an Illager that possesses wind magic. It wears jade-green clothing with tattered white sleeves and a white stripe around its edge near the chest and a tattered skirt. It is seen wearing a tall slender hat or just tall hair and orange bands near its hands, and it also wears a leather belt with a gold buckle. It also possesses a jade colored (possibly verdigris copper) staff with a swirling pattern at the tip, which it uses for summoning its wind attacks. Its overall appearance makes it resemble a shaman. It lastly wears a red cape with a yellow swirl pattern imprinted on the back. Like the Geomancer, it possesses purple eyes. The Wind Caller is able to summon gusts of wind with its staff to attack. It has two different ways of attacking. gamepedia

ok NOTE:his wind stuuf it is very hard! BE CAREFUL!! i will change the hair to be colored in the 2 parts in the future



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