Lobber Zombie (Minecraft Earth)

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Hey! Watch out! This zombie has some serious arm and some serious aim.

The Lobber Zombie is a slightly rotten variant of the zombie. It appears to have much lighter-colored skin than the normal zombie, but most of it's body is instead a grey tinge in color. It's pants are notably torn near the bottom, and it's shirt is a much more pale grey in color. Its skin is noticeably full of green torn out wounds, with patches of them found on its head, legs, and prominently seen on its right arm, which is shorter than its left, differing it from the normal zombie.

The Lobber Zombie has a similar behavior to the normal zombie, attacking players by walking up to and attacking them. However, it also has a ranged attack where it throws a rotten flesh projectile at the target from afar.

More info: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Earth:Lobber_Zombie

Texture by https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/rebearth-remastered



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