MC77 Part 1: SSBU Steve, Alex, Zombie & Enderman Action Figures!

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MC77 is a project I'm doing that aims to include papercraft of all Minecraft content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Part 1 contains:

• Action Figures for all Steve alts in Smash. This action figure design has rotation in the neck, hips and shoulders, the same points that rotation occurs in game. It is a redesigned version of Umar Abid's design: I also made a generator for my design:

• All the craftable tools usable in Smash, and a crafting table. This includes every sword, pickaxe, axe, and shovel of the wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond varieties, but not hoes or netherite since they aren't found in Smash. The items and crafting table are larger than they are in Minecraft, so I scaled them down to be the same scale as the Minecraft items and blocks. However, even with this downscaling, I was still barely able to fit everything on one page.

• An extras page, with spare parts for repairs or if you lose or break the original part while making the design. The Enderman shoulder joints specifically will really come in handy if you're like me and lost/broke 3 shoulder joints while making the enderman. The spare pelves don't have to be used as a replacement pelvis; they can also be used as the neck or be cut into any other part of the design you need to replace. Though there are no sticks in Smash, I included 3 of them here so you could use them to repair a broken tool if the handle comes off.

I hope you all enjoy this design, since it's the product of over half a year's papercrafting work. Also, look forward for the rest of MC77 in the future:

Part 2: The rest of the items and blocks, including the minecart, shield, and wearable elytra

Part 3: Minecraft World stage Diorama



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