Elytra (Wearable, Poseable)

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Finally, a wearable and moveable elytra for your papercraft characters. The harness is designed to work with Ultimate Bendables and my Action Figure design by fitting the cross over the neck tube, but you can also put it on a normal figure, toothpick bendable, or perhaps even a mini by just gluing the harness to the body or sticking a toothpick through it, respectively. I have also made this design as a generator, along with capes since the two use the same texture. This generator is designed to work with elytra skins that have the same shape as the vanilla elytra, but since some skins have shapes that differ from the original, the generator may not work the same with every texture you give it. However, I am planning on later updating the generator to have options for compatibility so it can work with more elytra textures.

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The generator can be found here:




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