Illusioner of Minecraft

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An illusioner is an unused illager that casts spells and is armed with a bow. The spell is used on itself for defense or on a player while it is attacking.


Although they do not naturally spawn in raids, illusioners spawned by the player attack players, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders within 16 blocks if a raid occurs. It attacks with its spells and its bow, firing an arrow every second, sooner than a skeleton.

It is the only illager that can see its target through walls.

The Illusioner moves quickly and always tries to maintain a consistent distance between itself and the player, retreating if the player gets too close, and advancing if the player retreats.

Any illusioner can join a patrol if sufficiently near a patrol captain.

The illusioner has two spells: a spell that blinds its opponent, and a spell that summons duplicates and makes the illusioner invisible.



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