3D Life-Size Bow and Arrow (OLD)

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This design is no longer relevant and has been replaced by https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/6138cbc577f1722281618060/3d-life-size-working-bow-and-arrow-new I'm leaving this here just in case anyone wants to use this slightly edited version of the OG template by theknightofjeff

Original description: Hey, again paper crafters! For one of the videos on my channel, I printed out the life-size 3d bow and arrow design here on pixel papercraft (https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/57d48ea4f3c016144b8735d1/bow-and-arrow-life-size-3d) and a few things were off about the design to me. The "string" cubes were completely missing any sort of tabs, as well as the joining parts of the bow; so I added those. I also fixed the arrow and added an extra page so you can make it 3d if you want. Want to check out a tutorial for this? Then check out my YouTube which will hopefully have a tutorial up by the time this gets approved! http://youtube.com/c/m16minecraft

Design Info:

Time: Around 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Side Notes: If you are making a 3d arrow, print two of the arrow pages. Also, you'll want to cut out the two arrow pieces on each page and glue them together. Then on one arrow, cut down the middle of the arrow; starting from the top to about halfway down. On the other arrow, start from the bottom and cut to the middle. Then slide the two arrows together, adjust the positioning of them so it makes a + side when viewed from the front, and either glue the sides or tape them to keep it together.

For the sides of the bow, use the diagram included on the design page. the "I" means 1, and start folding there first by lining up the bow's edges with the slither of paper. I also recommend you glue all the bow sides together first, then fold them around the bow.

If you would like to make the bow (somewhat) functional, you'll only need some elastic string. Instead of joining the string together at the corners with tape, make small holes in the middle of the edges of each one of the string cubes. Then thread through there some of the elastic string, and glue that (preferably with hot glue) to the inside of the bow. Then you can just shoot the arrow by pulling back! It'll be a little more difficult to do with the 3d arrow, but it's still possible! You can also make a hole in the front and back of the bow sides to allow the arrow to fit in.

I'm not the best at describing things, so please DM me on discord if you need some help! M16#4050

Anyways, have a great day everyone! :D



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