Armored Piglins and their Hunter Variants (Minecraft Dungeons: Flames of the Nether)

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These 4 designs are the original size of the game, the same goes for their weapons. Also, these designs are based on the way '' Alsa Honggo '' designs them, I used this technique to save more space.

Notice about Red Armored Piglin Template: I have made the red (crimson) color of the garments in this design a brighter color.

Reason: I have noticed that when printing with the original color of this design, instead of Crimson, it prints with a light brown color. That is why the color of the design has been increased even more, of course, without changing the texture.

Now, each of these designs will be explained:

Armored piglin info link:


Armored piglins are armored variants of the piglin. The first variant looks the same as Piglin Brute in the base game, except that it is slightly taller and larger than the player. Wield a golden ax. The second variant wears a golden helmet and crimson armor. He is seen with gold details on his back and possibly possessing a red belt and wielding a Firebrand. The first variant (including its zombified version and hunter variants) uses one arm guard, while the second variant uses two gold arm guards on its arms.


Armored piglins, like their unarmored counterparts, are hostile, attacking players with a gold ax or a Firebrand. They have more health and deal more damage than their unarmored counterparts. Unlike Diamond Armored Raiders and Diamond Armored Vindicators, both Armored Piglins can be stunned by normal attacks.

Armored Piglin Hunters information link:

Appearance The Armored Piglin Hunter has two variants, the first variant is seen wearing a black armor set similar to the Armored Piglin, one gold guard on its left arm and supporting a netherite helmet. The second variant wields a bluish armor set, two gold guards on its arms and a gold helmet, both of which uses a crossbow.

Behavior Armored Piglin Hunters, just like their unarmored counterparts spawn with a crossbow in which they use to shoot arrows at the player, in the exact same way, and being armored means they have more health than their unarmored counterparts. Unlike Diamond Armored Pillagers and Diamond Armored Vindicators both Armored Piglin Hunters can be stunned by normal attacks.

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