Armored Zombie (Minecraft Dungeons)

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If you liked the Armored Skeleton Then you will like this!!!! The Armored Zombie!!!!!!!!!!!

Appearance Armored zombies are regular zombies that are slightly taller than average and have noticeably more health and defence. There are two variants of the armoured zombie. The weaker variant wears a scale mail chest plate and a reinforced mail helmet and holds a single dagger in a reverse grip. The stronger variant wears a helmet and chest plate made of reinforced mail, wields a normal sword, and does more damage than any other zombie.

Behaviour Armored zombies act similarly to regular zombies, slowly approaching the player once seen, then slashing the player with their dagger or sword. They can also be summoned by a necromancer. They also have a chance of being enchanted.

Spawnings Creeper Woods Creepy Crypt Soggy Swamp Soggy Cave Pumpkin Pastures Arch Haven Cacti Canyon Redstone Mines Desert Temple (Summoned by Necromancers) Lower Temple (Summoned by Necromancers) Fiery Forge Highblock Halls Underhalls (In cellar) Dingy Jungle Overgrown Temple Panda Plateau Frosted Fjord (Summoned by Mob Spawners in secret area) Lost Settlement (Summoned by Mob Spawners in secret area) Gale Sanctum Colossal Rampart Woodland Mansion (Summoned by Necromancers) Abyssal Monument (In secret area) Radiant Ravine (In secret area) Armored zombies also spawn when night falls, regardless of location, when at least one player dies in multiplayer.



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