Rampart Captain (Minecraft Dungeons)

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Appearance The Rampart Captain is the Diamond variant of the Armored Mountaineer but without the leather armor. It is slightly bigger than a normal one, has diamond buttons on its coat and wears a dark brown coloured strap. It also carries an Ominous Banner on its back, it possesses black eyes like the Arch-Illager and the Red Armored Mountaineer.

Behaviour The Rampart Captain behaves like a normal Mountaineer, running toward the player for a melee attack. It has more health, does much more damage, and is rather sluggish.

The Rampart Captain cannot be stunned by normal attacks, except some Artifacts such as Shock Powder and any weapon with the Stunning enchantment.

Spawning One Rampart Captain always appears at the end of the Colossal Rampart level, after defeating an ambush of mobs. Like all other mobs, they also sometimes spawn in Ancient Hunts.



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