Hoglin (Minecraft Dungeons)

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Hoglins will attack players by hitting them with their tusks. If they're far enough, they will charge at the player and fling them into the air.

Ancient Hunts.png Unstoppable Tusk

The arena where the Unstoppable Tusk is summoned and battled at.

The Unstoppable Tusk is the ancient variant of the hoglin encountered during Ancient Hunts with the minimum offering of. The ancient resides within a Nether Wastes-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

Rampaging Quick Poison Cloud Fire Trail 20 Enchanted Piglin Hunters act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantments: Fuse Shot

Upon defeating the Unstoppable Tusk, a gilded variant of the Broken Sawblade, Cog Crossbow, Sprout Armor or any of their uniques will drop as a reward.



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