Orca (Alex's mobs)

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This is the first Alex's mobs design I have made! It took a while to complete as the fins were hard to adjust. Also, thanks to SrfHelps for some reference pictures on where to put each part as I was creating this and for helping me scale the textures accordingly to the right size. I have also included the easier version of some parts in case if needed.

"Orcas are large, fish-like aquatic mammals with black and white blubbery skin. Orcas are neutral towards the player until damaged, in which case all nearby orcas will attack the player as well. They will jump out of the water to attack their prey and even break the ice to get to them. When near Orcas, players can get a rare chance of gaining the Orca's Might effect which increases attack speed."

Direct Link: https://alexs-mobs-bestiary.fandom.com/wiki/Orca



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