Cave Centipede (Alex's Mobs)

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Cave Centipedes are long, and segmented into parts.The head is mostly a purple color, along with the mandibles, while the rest of the body is black. The legs and antenna on the contrary are an orange color. If going over a block, the Cave Centipede's segments slope.Cave Centipedes are hostile and strong, however this is countered by their slow mobility. Damaging any of the Cave Centipede's segment entities also deals damage to the head entity. Cave Centipedes attack via biting, which inflicts Poison II on targets for 10 seconds. Cave Centipedes target players and Cockroaches.

This Mob is incredibly long (35cm), i made it compatible with the actual size in the mod. Usually these beings have 6 to 8 segments counting the head. Each body segment has 4 legs. I prepared an optional papercraft, if you are modest you can make 6 segments, if you have more patience how about making 7 or 8? The choice is up to you!

Level: Medium-Hard

Obs: Make this papercraft when you are well motivated and patient. The legs part takes a long time to complete.

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