Endersent (Echoing Void DLC)

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The Endersent is a tall mob that superficially resembles the normal Enderman but with a few differences, them being its long forehead, having elbows, and possessing club-like hands that resemble large, blunt hammers.


The Endersent has four attacks.

Basic attack:

The Endersent smashes the player with it’s club-like hands, dealing massive damage.

Deadly escape:

The Endersent smashes the ground with both of it’s hands (which deals more damage then most mobs including the creeper) then teleports away, summoning 1 to 4 watchlings. After a moment, the Endersent teleports back to where it originally spawned.

Teleport out ranged:

The Endersent occasionally will raise its arm at a random player or summoned mob and teleport away. This behavior is immediately followed by teleport in ranged.

Teleport in ranged:

The Endersent appears basically on top of whatever it was pointing at and quickly smashes it with both arms. Endersent can use this attack multiple times. Fortunately, this attack can be avoided.

More Info: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Minecraft_Dungeons:Endersent



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