Giant (Easy Version) (W/ Tutorial) | 1.14+

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This model isn't the correct scale, but I'll still leave this up just for anyone who wants a less pages/ink version. The correct one already is on my profile.

Howdy! Here's an updated version of the unused Giant mob left in Java edition. The reason this is actually to scale is that according to the Minecraft Wiki, Giants use a "six-times-enlarged zombie model," which is what I scaled up a 1.14 zombie design I made to. I'm currently trying to organize a list of all the mobs in Minecraft that arent yet made into papercraft designs, and the Giant was one of them! Something interesting was that during the 1.14 snapshots, Giants were actually given AI and could move around, but nothing ended up happening with them after snapshot testing, leaving them a sad and unused feature leftover from Indev. :(


"Giants are unused, over-sized mobs that look like zombies. They previously spawned naturally in Indev." -



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