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Armored Pillager (Tier 2) (Minecraft Dungeons)

Design by minecraftisthebest2008

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(Original vindicator Template by Carlos 33) ok ok ok.. you are thinking by now that I did not ask permission to use Carlos evoker template and hear this... I ASKED PERMISSION FROM CARLOS FOR THE VINDICATOR TEMPLATE ON DISCORD AND ON THE PPC OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER I DID NOT STEAL HIS VINDICATOR TEMPLATE I ASKED PERMISSION FROM HIM AND HE SAID YES!!!!! now that's done here are the facts about the Diamond Armored Pillager !!!

https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Minecraft_Dungeons:Armored_Pillager more info if u click the link!

Apperance There are two versions of the armored pillager. One has gold and dark metal armor, a pink tunic, a helmet with nose protection and beige pants with black boots. The other has diamond and dark metal armor, an orange tunic, an open-face helmet, and black pants with gray blue boots as well as being larger (2.7 blocks).

Behaivior Armored pillagers are armed with crossbows and are usually slow-moving, preferring to shoot the player from a distance. However, they deal great piercing damage with a single shot. Pillagers sometimes move away from enemies if they get too close to them.

An armored pillager's crossbow always spawns with Piercing enchantment.

Armored pillagers are tougher than regular pillagers. Like diamond armored vindicators, diamond armored pillagers cannot be stunned by normal attack damage except certain artifacts like shock powder and any weapon with the Stunning enchantment.

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