Giant Royal Guard (Minecraft Dungeons Arcade)

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Appearance The giant royal guard is a large royal guard that has been enhanced by the Arch-Illager using the Orb of Dominance. Unlike the normal royal guard, it only spawns with a mace and no shield. Upon being enlarged, its yellow accents and gem on its armor turn purple, as well as having menacing purple eyes, and having crackling purple sparks around its body.

Behavior The giant royal guard is a tough boss with strong attacks and defence, with its only disadvantage being very sluggish when approaching the hero and having a brief weakness point where it stops moving for a bit. It has three known behaviors:

Giant Mace Smash It will smash the ground with its Mace when the hero is near it which can damage nearby mobs and deal heavy damage.

Giant Mace Spin It will spin its Mace around dealing damage to any heroes and knocking them back.

Giant Lunge It will lunge forward to the hero, which deals heavy damage when in its vicinity.


Villager 95 for the textures

Sans Is Justified And Punny For fixing the armor

Carlos-33 For fixing the head

2EZ (MysticFox51) for the photo made and fixing the sparkes (Thanks dude I really mean it)

(Also the crackles. it's ur choice where to put them Idk how to do it figure it out)



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