Armored Vindicators (Minecraft Dungeons)

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Appearance Armored vindicators have two variants, one is a vindicator that has a hornless metal helmet, gold buttons, purple pants, and wields a double axe, the other is a vindicator that has a horned metal helmet, diamond buttons, blue pants and wields a Whirlwind, in addition to being larger (2.7 blocks).

Behavior Armored vindicators are hostile toward heroes on sight, and rush toward a hero. When attacking, the armored vindicator raises its main hand, brandishing a double axe or Whirlwind. The diamond variant has higher health and damage. While not attacking, the armored vindicator lowers its arms and weapon and looks around for threats. These illagers have a larger health pool and will hit the player repeatedly even when being attacked.

Like diamond armored pillagers, diamond armored vindicators are not stunned by normal attack damage except some artifacts and any weapon with the Stunning enchantment.



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