Tower Wraiths (Minecraft Dungeons)

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Comes With: Magenta, Black, And Green Tower Wraiths (Also I decided to add a red variant too IDK why)

Now Updated With Offical Textures!!!

Appearance Tower wraiths are undead ghost-like mobs that resemble a skeleton but are composed of a skull and a small rib cage. Unlike the normal wraith, the tower wraith wears armor and a cape similar to the Tower Guards with robes that can change between black, magenta, and green.

Behavior A tower wraith, like its original counterpart, attacks the hero using flames. Unlike the normal wraith, however, these wraiths will change the form of their attack depending on the current color of their cloak.

Black cloaked wraiths summon soul fire, with the area of soul fire larger than that of the normal wraith. Magenta cloaked wraiths summon a poison cloud.



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