Prismarine Foe (Minecraft Story Mode 2) (With Weapons)

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Prismarine Foes are a group of prismarine statues who help Romeo protect the Sea Temple by killing intruders. They first appear in "Hero in Residence".

Types There are two main types of Prismarine Foes:

Prismarine Soldiers are small Prismarine Foes, standing at around 3 blocks tall. They appear to have a beard and have glowing, green eyes. Most wield prismarine axes, though some have prismarine bows that fire prismarine arrows and the rest wield prismarine swords.

Prismarine Colossisal are giant Prismarine Foes and are a towering 20 blocks tall. They also have glowing, green eyes, but with shorter beards. Romeo used one as a secondary body.



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