Clash Mini Starting Heroes

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When you join the Clash Mini for the first time, you are getting an option to choose your starting hero.

Your first option is a Barbarian King This hero is also part of another "Clash" game - Clash of Clans. Currently this is the best hero in the game.


Your second option is an Archer Queen This hero, just like Barbarian King is taken from Clash of Clans, but recently got added to clash royale And this hero is the most chaotic one. Because of low xp but high dps sometimes you cant predict the winner


And your last option is a Shield Maiden. This is original Clash Mini hero Every hero is the best in something, but especially this hero is the most annoying one. Thats because his super ability is a shield that allows him to stay invincible and even bounce damage for a pretty long amount of time

Tutorial: soon

Also you can use this characters in clash mini board game that I`m working on right now



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