Powersmith (Cloudy Climb Event) (Minecraft Dungeons)

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The powersmith is an NPC that spawns in the Tower. This merchant can upgrade the hero's items. The floor it appears on varies, but it always appears before the Uniquesmith and the Gildsmith.

The powersmith is a mysterious and wide mob that seems to be some kind of golem. It is composed of three mobs forming a wider mob. The first and middle body has grey skin like an illager, has a long curly moustache, wears a long robe with various golden lines and accents that connect to its left and right bodies, and has a small staircase-shaped green hat atop its head. Its having a small arm on either side, and both wearing a small green apron with gold lines. Like the tower keeper, they have similar eye colors with the main body having light blue, the right purple, and the left green, they also wear a wide and weathered apron that covers their small legs.


Photo by: Mat_Cronox000



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