Eteled (Wii Deleted You Creepypasta)

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Eteled is the main antagonist and protagonist of the Creepypasta series Wii Deleted You and the deuteragonist of its sequel Wii Deleted You: Sam's Story, both originally created by IceyPie and adapted into an animatic by TheMaskedChris. He also appears as the main antagonist in Wii Deleted You: Corrupted Data Revived under his real name, Henry. He was originally a regular human that worked for Nintendo, but an accident with a Wii caused his human body to get killed, while his soul was transferred into the Wii and into the Mii he had created, thus making him into Eteled.


Eteled is a bald Mii character with large eyes and a small nose. He wears a black shirt and pants. His hands appear as spheres, although unlike Matt he has arms. In Dream Of Peace, he has a worried look.

For Diagraphephobia, his pupils are larger, he has a wide grin, and he now holds a fire axe in his left hand. At one point, his eyes turn nothing but black.



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