Drowned Necromancer (Minecraft Dungeons)

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Carlos made a Minecraft Dungeons effect version this is a non-light effect version


A drowned necromancer is a marine variant of the necromancer and miniboss found in the Hidden Depths and Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. It is capable of summoning drowned and attacking via lightning trident strikes.

Appearance The drowned necromancer is a large drowned dressed in an outfit similar to a Necromancer. It wears a dark-blue hood fitted with two gold accents that resemble a crown and large shoulder pads with torn edges and gold rims, and on the back, a long blue cape with torn edges. Under its hood, it wears torn purple clothes and various gold accents like a belt and armbands. It holds a unique staff that resembles a trident but instead is black, has a blue orb on between the spikes, with light blue tips on the spikes.



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