Skeleton Horseman

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I have seen no skeleton horseman design so I decided to make one (Horse model my generator) Skeleton by me (Sorry If Bow Is Blurry I Got It From Minecraft Wiki so I had so play around with it;/)

Thanks, Carlos_33 For The Helmet! (Skeleton Horseman info On skeleton horse page :/)

A skeleton horseman is a hostile undead mob consisting of a skeleton and a skeleton horse. Skeleton horsemen spawn only from a "skeleton trap horse".

A skeleton trap horse is a hostile skeleton horse spawned from a fraction of lightning generated naturally by a thunderstorm (0.75–1.5% chance on Easy, 1.5–4% on Normal, and 2.25–6.75% on Hard, depending on regional difficulty). Lightning strikes caused by a Channeling-enchanted trident and lightning strikes on a lightning rod never spawn a skeleton trap horse. The trap horse despawns after 15 minutes if not triggered.



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