Cycles Background Diorama (Friday Night Funkin vs Sonic.exe Mod)

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Lord X was majorly redesigned in Version 2.0 to go with his new song, Cycles. His color palette is overall much darker, with his fur going from faded to almost navy blue, and his shoes changing from a light grey to almost black. His feet are also much more grotesque, almost resembling hands. His nose now leaks blood in addition to his eyes, and there are even more quills on the back of his head. He is also generally much lankier, with his squatting being more prominent and even dragging his hand across the floor in his idle. Oddly enough, Lord X appears to now have prominent eyelashes, which can be most clearly seen in his down and right poses. His teeth are far blunter than before, and much more rotten. Rather than having a neon pink tounge, his up pose shows a skeletal hand with purple veins that appears to exist inside his body. His pupils lack their X flair, but otherwise remain the same. Finally, the X-shaped scar on his abdomen is less detailed and darker.

In "Cycles," the game over animation is the same as vanilla FNF, but Lord X will whisper things mostly pertaining to him "Improving" Boyfriend and playing with him forever. One of them, however is a high pitched sound effect, that when put into a spectrogram, shows Lord X hanging Boyfriend with strings, similar to a marionette. Cycles replacing Execution is the second instance of a new song replacing a completely different old song, the first one being in the Vs. Impostor mod, in which Actin' Sus was completely replaced by Sabotage. Cycles" and "Execution" have Sonic CD music samples in their instrumentals. The hands the background of Execution and Cycles are not Knuckles, as confirmed by the hands themselves in the background of Cycles.

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