Iron Golem (Minecraft Dungeons)

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Iron Golems have always protected the Villagers of the Overworld. Their numbers are dwindling as a result of the Arch Illager's war. ā€ž ā€” In-game description A golem kit is an artifact in Minecraft Dungeons that summons an iron golem when used, similar to tasty bones, and the wonderful wheat. An iron golem is a large mob found in Minecraft Dungeons. They are the biggest and strongest summonable mob in the game.

Appearance The appearance of an iron golem in dungeons was adapted from the appearance of iron golems in the main game, with the only difference being that iron golems in dungeons have glowing eyes.

Note: reminder this mob has the effect of Minecraft dungeons so its brighter

(Texture updated)

full size of minecraft dungeons iron golem here



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