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"The allay is a small flying wisp-like passive mob. It collects and delivers items for any player that gives it something, or any note block it hears repeatedly playing." -

Both texture-accurate allay designs on this site seem to give people some trouble (myself included) so I tried to make this design as user-friendly as possible, which means:

  • Color coding of attachment points
  • (Optional) Fold lines
  • Several screenshots of what the finished product should look like
  • A video tutorial you can find on my YT:

Plus, I made sure this allay is sized properly (I triple-checked and did in-game measurements myself), as I saw comments regarding sizing concerns. Also, since the allay is actually semi-translucent in-game, I made sure the colors in this papercraft design are the exact ones used by Mojang, just with their opacities set to opaque.

Some tips if ur still struggling:

  • Watch my video tutorial
  • Check out the in-game model using something like blockbench so you can understand how the pieces fit together ( )



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