Polus BG Characters (Fnf Vs Impostor Mod)

Creative Design
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Theres 6 crewmates in the background of the song meltdown. Green impostor is also there watching red doing the dumbest stuff imaginable(he's an idiot.) Pink and orange is likely based off an among us animation. Blue has furry ears and the mini crewmate on its head has a bi flag in its right hand. Cyans dead and saying he's alright to brown, brown is concerned tho. There's 3 mini crewmates stacking each other, and the colors are cyan, pink, and white, and white is wearing a gray top hat. Cyan is crying that his dad is dead. Lime has a box of popcorn saying the mini crewmates stacking to each other is adorable never realizing that cyans dead :troll:

More facts here: https://fridaynightfunking.fandom.com/wiki/VS._Impostor#



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