Him (Fnf Vs Him Mod)

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In him and what, he appears crudely drawn small red crewmate from the hit indie game among us with a smile on his face. In the fist half of angered him, he appears as a black silhouette with red fire behind him and an illuminated visor. In the second half of angered him, a red glint appears on his visor. Him seems to be a levelheaded and calm person, not reacting to boyfriends insults about his song sucks. However, once his drums are insulted or hated, he seems to get extremely angry. Him likes to play on his drums. Him also hates people who hate on his drums. Hims appearance in angered him appears to be based on the nightmare designs from indie cross, and his 2nd angered him form resembles black impostor from vs impostor.

More facts here: https://fridaynightfunking.fandom.com/wiki/Him



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