Griefer/MineTroller (Fnf Funkin Physics Mod)

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MineTroller, also headcannoned to some as Popbob, is a Minecraft Skin created on PlanetMinecraft and is commonly used by griefers. MineTroller is this griefers name, you can refer to him as Griefer or MineTroll but do not call him "Minecraft Trollface" or "Popbob" as he is not based off of that person and is moreso just a character within the game. MineTroller appears in the bugfix update as a secret character, when a screen appears once you enter the game you must enter "trolled" or other variations of the word, and he will appear. MineTroller's design is based on the skin that is nearly 11 years old. The background is just a screenshot of a developer playing Minecraft. In his left pose, he holds a block of TNT. In his right pose, he has a chest with a TNT block. In his up pose, he is holding a barrier block. In his down pose, he jumps and dumps lava beneath his feet.

More facts here:'_Physics?so=search#MineTroller



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