Elytra (Cape Textured) Pack

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I disappeared again, huh.. oh well. I return to give you all Elytras that use the unique cape textures, seeing as how no one else has done it. I originally just did the Classic Mojang ones for myself, but went ahead and did all the others I could find. I used the textures from https://minecraftcapes.net/ , which is a mod that lets you customize your cape/Elytra to use a different texture. It also gave Elytra textures to capes that didn't have it before, such as the Bacon cape or Christmas 2010, despite them being gone well before they could've had them. The only ones I skipped are the Cobalt and Pancake Elytras, due to their complex textures that would've made making them a nightmare.

Credits to ODF for the original 3D Elytra design: https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/56156e89749f99ca6800001d/3d-elytra-snapshot-15w41a

The list of Elytras in order of designs: Millionth Customer Migrator, Classic Mojang, Mojang, Mojang Studios, Mojira Moderator, Translator/Chinese Translator/cheapsh0t's cape (All 3 use the same texture), MINECON 2011, MINECON 2012, MINECON 2013, MINECON 2015, MINECON 2016, MINECON Live 2019, Unused MINECON 2011 Cape 1, Unused MINECON 2011 Cape 2, Unused MINECON 2011 Cape 3, Christmas 2010, New Years Eve 2011, Xbox Birthday, Drullkus' Prismarine, billyK_'s Turtle, Bacon, Scrolls, Realms Mapmaker, JulianClark's Cape, dannyBstyle's Cape, MrMessiah's Cape, and Gr8_Escape's Cape



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