Vessel Boyfriend (Fnf Hymns of Hallownest Mod)

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Thanks TwicetoonsYT for making me the photo

Vessel Boyfriend takes the appearance of the Knight from the original Hollow Knight, but with some differences from its original counterpart, Vessel Boyfriend has baby-blue eyes hair with a vessel mask that appears to be supported by a black strap. Vessel Boyfriend is wearing a white charm that has a red circle with a line crossed through it symbol with a necklace. Vessel Boyfriend is made of void. However his origins are unknown. Perhaps the abyss? Vessel Boyfriend's hair is dyed with lifeblood to give it the blue color it has. Vessel Boyfriend has 2 charms equipped. One that enables his singing capabilities. Vessel Boyfriend has a Roblox account by the name of CoolBug2003.

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