Majin Sonic (Sonic CD)

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Majin Sonic was an infamous easter egg in Sonic CD found by putting in the code 12 24 in the sound test. The code lead to a picture of multiple Sonics with a strange face. A Japanese message was front and center, translating to "Fun is infinite with SEGA enterprises! - Majin". Paired with the creepy background music, this was an unsettling find to most players of the game.

Turns out, the screen wasn't meant to be as sinister as it was, the face seen on the Sonics was just a caricature of Masato Nishimura, Sonic CD's landscape artist, who was nicknamed "Majin". The music used was the boss theme, so the Japanese version had a much more upbeat background track.

This design is directly based on the sprites used in said secret screen and only utilizes 5 colors, not counting fold lines.

This is a papercraft that may be confusing to assemble, so the photos will probably be a big help

Also there are labels now!!! Probably gonna only do this with complex character crafts like this.



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